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The Facts

"Small enterprises are center of American Economy"— President Barack Obama

There are 2.7 million small enterprises in America, which account for 99% of all American
enterprises and absorb half of American labors

About 99% of all new created positions are from small enterprises

True innovation is from garages, basements, stores——Enterprisers here can better, more
efficiently act——above half of the innovative inventions are achieved in small enterprises. Small
enterprises' averageinvention per person is double of large enterprises'.

Nowadays small enterprise will be large enterprises of the future. American high-tech enterprises
are usually SME in startup stage, such as Microsoft, Apple,etc. The enterprise size is very small 20 years ago.

"The Obama Administration announced on Mar. 16 a three-pronged package intended to help small businesses. The program includes a $730 million chunk from the recently passed economic stimulus plan to reduce lending fees while increasing government guarantees on a portion of Small Business Administration loans up to 90%." Business Week March 16th 2009

ExperExchange was a startup company 20 years ago, but now we have grown up into a mature IT consulting service company. We hope to share our experience, resources, and abilities with more startups to make more "American Dream" come true.

We Provide Startup Enterprises with the Following Services

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1. Business Plan Services

All entrepreneurs we know are full of passion and are smart people. They aren't resigned to mediocrity and determine to make a big deal, and some of them indeed create commercial wonders. However, there are many uncertain factors between seeing business opportunity and creating a successful enterprise. Creating an enterprise or starting up a new business is as no one can tell you which way is correct and you can only rely on your compass and judgment. A business plan acts as your compass. It is unthinkable that one person barges into the rain forest without a compass. So, whether you want to be the king of the jungle, or to persuade others to invest on your business adventure, don't forget to bring your business plan.

For a new startup, there is no need to cover every aspect for a business plan. The fact is that no one knows what the best choice is before actual operations. Your plan must be as concise as possible, but be able to answer the following questions: where are you going to make money (who are your customers), why customers buy your products / services (products / services value to customers), how much you need to devote (money and time), where you intend to raise money, when you plan to achieve balance (what's your loss if exceed the expected date), and so on.

ExperExchange is well aware of the importance of business plan. To continuously develop competitiveness ability of the enterprise, we are always launching new services. Our marketing department will assist the management to prepare a practical and meaningful business plan before starting up a new business, and then revise in accordance with the actual market feedback in the initial stage of operations until new business succeeds (or abandoned).

Our ability is also used for preparing business plan for our clients. We have helped dozens of enterprises to successfully start up over past 10 years. Our business plan prepared for our clients can always help startup enterprises to convince investors, lock the right target market, or to avoid ignoring risk because creators are lack of experience.


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